Kindness Cards

Are you ready to practice kindness?

Use our free Kindness Cards! A Kindness Card is something you can give to the recipient of your kindness.

The back of this business-sized card includes a list of various kind acts, to help give the person some ideas of things they can do to be kind and pass it on.

The purpose of the card is not to elicit a ‘thank you’ – rather, it’s to encourage that person to pay it forward and pass the kindness (and the card) along to someone else – sort of a ‘tag, you’re it!’

Imagine the positive energy that a single Kindness Card can carry, from hand to hand to hand!

Would you like some?

Just email us with your name and mailing address, and we’ll mail out a few cards to get you started. You can request more cards, free of charge, when you run out.

We mail 8 free kindness cards per request. If you’d like to receive more than 8, please let us know how many you’d like and consider making a small monetary donation to help cover the cost to print and ship them to you!

Suggested Donation: $5 for every 20 cards

Please be sure to let us know how many cards you want via email or on the comments box in PayPal.

Would you like to print some instead?

We can send you a PDF file via email, or just CLICK HERE and print!

How to Use Kindness Cards:

Browse our list of Kindness Ideas and pick out something that feels good to you!